15 Sms Marketing Rules You Need To Know

We all heard about text messaging and are using it in our daily life. It is one of the easiest, fastest and discrete ways to share information using digital mobile phones. Delivery is almost instant, and the recipient’s phone will ring or give announcement that a new message has arrived. In text messaging it will take time to type a whole long message and send it to a large number of recipients. In order to trim down the messaging time short codes came into existence. It is gaining more popularity nowadays.

There are twelve months in a year, make sure you have twelve specials lined up, especially for “Special Events” such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day etc. Do not forget these important dates where people are looking to do something extra special with someone they love. And don’t just do whatever everyone else is doing, be creative! Think of your own specials that will set you apart from others. You needn’t always think “Discounts”. You can also think “Added Value”. For instance, purchase a full day spa package and receive a French manicure set for free!

Submit your website to search engine directories to start getting organically ranked by Google. If your website has been search engine optimised with the right content and keywords, you should start to get ranked quite highly on Google within six months.

Text short code is the new way to use text messaging that allows users to interact with companies, governments, media outlets or other product or service agencies. Like text messaging short codes are easy and fast. Instead of sending your message to a 10-digit phone number, you can send to a short code. When normal phone numbers will be a 10-digit number, a short code will be a five or six digit number or code. It can be either few numbers or a brand name and it is easy to remember. For example the code 72456 will spell RADIO on the phone’s keypad. Short codes are easy to remember. Have you ever texted to vote for American Idol or for your choice for Super Bowl MVP, then you have already used a short code.

Short codes can be seen on advertisement hoardings, billboards etc. You can also hear short code instructions on television and radio channels. Mostly the format will be – Send “message” to “number”. For example, to get weather update you can send message as – Text “weather” to 73456. In some cases the short code spells a word or brand, like this: Text “traffic” to RADIO (73456).

Integrate: Every where you have existing marketing and a presence is an opportunity to promote your call to action. Think social media, email list, print marketing, in-store. The fastest opt-in rates involve your employees telling every customer about the sms marketing campaign.

The greatest advantage of this solution is its simplicity since there is no need for paper forms but people can send bets via SMS text messages. By providing such an outstanding opportunity people can get to know your business in an entertaining way. Further SMS games also become available by setting up your SMS system.

In today’s time there are other methods that are successful as well. One of them is SMS marketing. This is when you utilize SMS text messaging to send those offers to your potential or current customers. The good part of SMS marketing is that the recipients do sign up to receive it. This gives you a fairly good idea that they are at least interested. It is also a great way to focus on customer retention as current customers love getting special deals on the go. This marketing is also quite convenient and less costly than direct mail marketing.