$5.00 Carriage Rides At Zona Rosa Every Saturday Til Christmas

Palo Alto is one of the popular destinations within the San Francisco Bay area to have a wedding. There are a lot of wedding venues to consider in Palo Alto which I am going to discuss with you in this article. As a wedding planner in the San Francisco bay area, I can’t tell you enough how important it is to book the venue of your choice on time. This will give you some ideas and wedding venues in Palo Alto.

Letters to Santa are only for children; resurrect this tradition for you and your spouse but add a romantic twist. Each year write each other a Dear Santa letter. Take this opportunity to summarize your hopes and dreams for the next year. Then exchange letters. This can be a great way to broach topics regarding your future together and your collective goals. By talking regularly about what direction you want your lives to take, you will grow closer together with every Christmas that passes.

If you live in a very snowy area, then a great alternative is to hire a horse drawn sleigh for your wedding. Instead of lumbering in and out of an all wheel drive SUV, wouldn’t it be much more romantic to glide in by sleigh? Many of the sleighs can be quite beautiful, and would certainly add a nice touch to your wedding.

The fourth is being in the now. Keeping the mind in the present moment. Not thinking about all the issues that come from whatever you are doing at the time. Allowing the future to be created at the beginning of the focus and then letting go and diving into the focus. During the trial period, I still found my inner chatter jumping into future thoughts. Instead of trying to completely dismiss the distraction, I promised myself to address it in X minutes (the promised focus time period). It seems to satisfy me and helps to let go of the distraction it was sending me. Here is where you will find exactly how much time you spend in other places than the now (past, future or what ifs).

For the spectacular vistas, Mt Pantokrator on the north part of the island, is over a thousand meters high and is frequently snow capped in the winter. There is a road that winds all the way to the top with breathtaking views of the bay and the mainland. One of Corfu’s top tourist attractions is Achillion Palace. The gardens overlook the town of Corfu and the architecture and statuary is beautiful. For a fun day with the kids, visit the water park, Aqualand. This is a huge water park with all the normal slides and rides and is location close to the town of Corfu. For the golfer, there is a course on the island and it is listed as one of the nineteen best in Europe.

Many brides dream of being transported to the church or wedding venue with a wedding horse and carriage. This dream is very possible today as there are many vendors who offer this service. Bear in mind that you can only take advantage of this service if you live relatively close to the destination of choice and that the weather will have to cooperate with you. When you are choosing a transportation vendor, be sure to discuss alternates with them if it should rain on your wedding day.

Dinner Reservations. Plan a group dinner party instead of the expensive pre-prom meal or opt for a less expensive restaurant. The purpose of the traditional prom dinner is really about the attention and the chance to feel grown up in public. This can be accomplished without a $100 meal check. If the prom couple is set on a certain restaurant, look for discounts or coupons in advance. Sometimes booking as a large group gets a discount as well.

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