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Have you ever thought about becoming your own boss? Maybe you work at a job that has you away from home more than you should be. You may get tired of other people taking credit for your work. It is probably safe to say that many people would love to own their own business, set their own hours and have the ability to take their ideas and run with them. The truth is a lot of business fail because of the person behind it was lacking in knowledge. Here are some business start-up consulting tips that may be useful.

6* ‘You’re foolish to try and sell sparkling water in the land of Coca-Cola drinkers…’ – advice given to Gustave Leven by several executive coaching cincinnati when hearing of his plans to launch Perrier in the US.

The PMP exam is a computer based exam conducted in the Prometric centers. The exam has 200 multiple choice questions. Each question has exactly one correct answer. You will get four hours to answer these questions. Most people find four hours to be more than sufficient for the exam. Out of these 200 questions, 25 questions are pretest questions. These are randomly places throughout the exam and are used for research purposes. These questions are not evaluated while computing exam results. You will only be evaluated on the basis of 175 questions.

Wait, the best part is this: if each person in your team can also sell 20 products each, you get $100 from each person. Multiply it by 20, and you have $2000 right into your pocket every week! Even in this simple example you can see how easy it is to earn multiple amounts by simply recruiting a sales force and letting them do the work. You not only earn yourself but you also leverage the income from your down line. Believe you me, this is just an illustrative example – there are people out there earning ten times this amount! By repeating this proven mlm formula.

If the sale is to be eternal, will it be to a local agency, large regional agency versus, a publicly traded national broker or even a bank. It is a seller’s market – finding a buyer is not a problem. Finding the right buyer is what it is all about.

Pricing strategy. This is something that you need to consider before you even advertise your consulting services. How much would you charge your clients? Since you are just starting out, it would be best if you charge lower compare to your competitors to attract people to at least try your services out. Once you were able to create a name for yourself, you can start increasing your prices based on the ongoing rate in this industry.

The bottom line is, don’t ignore these rumblings. Take them seriously and seek resolution with them. If you don’t, they will continue to send up shoots that take away from your present quality of life.