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When I was fifteen my father experienced a sudden stroke and lapsed into a coma for two weeks. This incident was by no indicates isolated, as twenty-seven years later he carries on to have seizure and stroke activity on a relatively regular, if not predictable, basis. The doctors are never fairly certain what’s “wrong” with him, but they can manage the seizures with medication. Without medicine, he surely would have died years ago.

SpongeBob then sees an anthropomorphic flame in his home burn his essay into ashes as a means of torturing SpongeBob. It says with a grim smile “Only 799 words to go!!”, and then it cackles as the house is burned down.

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Procrastination refers to the counterproductivity of putting duties off to a later time. The conduct is often used for coping with anxiousness associated with starting or finishing any project or decision. There are 3 criteria for a conduct to be regarded as as procrastination: it should be one-counterproductive, 2-needless, and three-delaying.

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