Is There Enough Lithium For Electric Cars?

If Plug In America has been very vocal these last few years, not too many people understand what the group strives to do and how it was formed. Find out more.

1870 – Sir David Soloman built an Green Living Guy that operated off an electric engine with battery power. The batteries were quite heavy, though, so the car did not get good speed and could only go a small distance.

Like that wacky unpredictable uncle who always makes the holiday season much more interesting, Nissan is the only car company that refuses to follow a decipherable pattern. I say that’s a good thing even if it does result in the odd Murano CrossCabriolet disaster.

The performance of this car is far superior to any of the other electric cars that have been produced. Once you press on the accelerator you are at full torque with no waiting for the car to shift. You can easily negotiate through heavy traffic and the handling of the Tesla is second to none. There is no engine noise from a Tesla Roadster. Imagine riding in a car that has no acceleration noise, no shifting noise and no exhaust noise. Nothing but the quiet hum of it’s electric motor.

Over the years, Audi developed many four and six cylinder cars. At this pont, has also developed a four circle overlapping logo which represented the amalgamation of Audi with DKW, Horch and Wanderer.

An old Honda Civic can be a great EV because of its compact design and light weight. Since an electric car would have to carry its own power source in the batteries, less weight is better. An electric car without unnecessary load will be able to travel further before it has to be recharged. An average electric car with 10 to 15 units of batteries can cover up to 100 miles before recharge. A converted Honda Civic with the same number of batteries can travel up to 150 miles.

As an individual you have to make the change, if we wait for a oil company to change we’ll be waiting a very long time. As for the auto manufactuerers they won’t dare go against the oil tycoons either.

It has been said that the United States contributes 25 percent of the greenhouse gases to the planet. Yet they are falling way behind the other countries in the race to clean up this mess. The US citizens need to be pro active and not wait for laws to be created forcing them to abide by these principles. Each person should take it upon themselves to demand a better quality of life and begin making the changes independently. Would it be too far-fetched to buy your spouse a solar panel for their birthday? I think not.