Learn Why Creating a Song Is Like Baking a Cake

Do you know how to bake a cake? Whether you do or not, almost anyone can whip up a delicious cake nowadays by following the steps of a recipe or watching popular cooking shows on outlets such as the Food Channel.

Likewise, writing a song that is catchy and memorable can be a piece of cake if you know how to put the right elements together. My current train of thought came about after a friend of mine shared a post on Facebook that looked at how songwriting and lyric writing were like baking a cake. If you’ve never thought about it, here is why making a song is like baking cake:

1. It Requires Suitable Ingredients

Listeners love songs that sound fresh and authentic rather than regurgitated lines or half-baked rhymes. Use appropriate figures of speech, anecdotes, and other elements that make a good story, into the mix. Also, use relatable details to engage listeners and pique their interests. When all the right ingredients are added, the finished product will appeal to all the right senses.

2. Adding the Right Proportions Together

When making your own song, you don’t want the parts to have too much of one thing or too little. Is the melody balanced, hook on point, and rhymes tight enough? Your punchline(s) should also be right on time and poignant enough, just like adding the right kinds and amounts of spices to a cake mixture. If the proportions aren’t right, the taste will be off or the cake could come out looking like a malformed piece of dough. Another way if putting it is that your song will sound like it’s missing something.

3. Refining the Finished Product

Once you are through with combining the ingredients, the next thing you want to do is put your lyrics through the “baking” and “icing” process. This involves turning the words into an actual song by producing and editing, combining with instruments, voice, mastering, and mixing etc., so that it sounds like a professional recording. Most likely, you will need to seek the services of a professional music production company in order to smooth out the frills and remove the fluff so that you can get a clean radio-ready song.

4. Share It Up

Once a cake is ready, the next thing you would do is give slices to friends and family to enjoy. It’s the same thing when you create a song; it’s time to distribute your recorded track to record labels, pitch it to artists, send it to radio stations, and even perform or play it for your fans to hear. The whole point of making music is to share it with the world.
As you can see, song writing and lyric writing follow a similar algorithm as baking a cake. Repeating this process will surely turn you into a master baker/songwriter as time passes by.